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    Thread: Image help

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      Ultimate Deal Wizard tlspiegel -Closed's Avatar
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      Jan 2001
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      Just to be clear here... in other words, you didn't use the image I was hosting for you? I need to know because I'll remove it from my "hosting for DOD site"... taking up space if you're not using it, and I can use the space for your new one.

      Remember... anytime you take anything off the net... be sure to save it to your own computer. Right click on the image and select save. That will ensure you have a copy of it. ok?

      So, I'm going to remove the image I was hosting for you.

      Originally posted by freesurfer
      Nope it wasn't the same, I've lost it on the net...dang it....ok will return with a new one to have you host...

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