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      Deal Master CrazyDeals's Avatar
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      Jun 2000
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      Thumbs down

      Darn we need a double thumbs down message icon. LOL

      Well another dot com fails to live up to their promise. First they took away POP access and forwarding several months ago. Now they are closing your account if you fail to subscribe for 29.99. (Far from free)

      Hmm.. maybe someone will start a class action lawsuit. Oh well plenty of other free email providers still around.

      At least when went under I got to keep the computer
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      Deal Wizard mrsarkar's Avatar
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      May 2000
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      well, free is often not forever...

      ...I'm disappointed, though, too.

      "If you choose not to keep your current Net@ddress email address, you need to do nothing; your email account will be cancelled on July 31, 2001, and your email address and messages will be permanently deleted.
      REMEMBER, your current Net@ddress email account will expire if you do not sign up by July 31, 2001. To keep your current email address and all your messages, you must sign up for the new Net@ddress Messaging Center by July 31, 2001. "
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