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      Save On Daily Habits

      Daily routines are great but can become costly when not checked in on. What does your daily coffee at the local coffee shop cost? Or the gas for all those trips to different stores close by? Below are some easy and minor changes that can be made to add up to big savings.

      1. Brew coffee at home. Purchasing coffee daily adds up and by choosing to brew at home you can save over $900 annually (this is with an average price of $2.50/cup at one cup/day). Also consider buying whole beans for home so you can stock up when there is a sale; beans stay fresh longer than ground coffee.
      2. Combine trips in you car to save on gas and walk or bike whenever possible. Starting your car uses extra gas so by combining trips needing a car, you can park in a middle point and walk back and forth with your items. Biking and walking for errands saves money and encourages ones health.
      3. Get groceries only once each week. It has been shown that those who grocery shop only weekly spend approximately $25/week less than those who shop multiple times each week. Consider also making a meal plan before shopping and creating a list incorporating coupons for products you need.
      4. Bring your food (be it lunch or dinner) to work with you. Savings here add up to $50, on average, weekly. Not only will you save on the food but it is one less trip with your car too.
      5. Look at the amount of television viewed in your household and consider cutting back by 50% to save on energy. A television draws a lot of power adding to your electric bill. Substitute the usual TV time with reading or a family game or activity.
      Start using a water filtration system rather than buying bottled water. Consider using a Brita bottle with filter built in for on the go times. You will save hundreds each year by making this switch.
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